Toronto-based Industrial Designer

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Adam is a talented Product Designer based in Toronto, Canada. A detail-oriented problem solver, he excels at evolving the form & function of everyday objects & strengthens collaborative efforts with aptitudes for communication, presentation, & innovation. Driven by the excitement his work brings to the user, he works to add more enjoyment to everyday life & make difficult tasks easier through charming, modern products that are accessible, useful, & beautiful.

Adam has a unique ability to combine technical design knowledge with wonder & imagination. Fascinated by the business of design, he’s forever addicted to the achievement of leading great ideas to reality & welcomes any opportunity to indulge in creativity.


How I can help you:

  •  Design project management
  •  Consulting for consumer product usability, aesthetic, and/or functionality
  •  Market research/exploration
  •  Idea generation for new product
  •  Conceptual sketches/visuals for new product
  •  Drawings/visuals for design specification
  •  Mock-up & model construction
  •  SolidWorks CAD for prototype or concept exploration
  •  Assistance with projects involving Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
  •  Vector & hand-drawn artwork
  •  Graphics for product, website or packaging
  •  Instruction sheets
  •  Cartoons & character design