Adam is a talented designer from Toronto, Canada. A detail-oriented problem solver, he excels at evolving the form and function of everyday things and strengthens collaborative efforts with aptitudes for communication, organization, and concept development. Driven by the excitement his work brings to the user, he works to make the world more fun and make difficult tasks easy through creating charming, modern products that are as practical and accessible as they are beautiful.

Fascinated by the business of design, he’s forever addicted to the achievement of leading great ideas to reality and welcomes any opportunity to indulge his imagination.

How I can help you:

  • I can establish problems or gaps with your existing products and services, as well as discover opportunities for growth through market trends, emerging technologies, and the offerings of your competition
  • I can cater to these problems and opportunities by recommending changes to your existing catalog, as well as use the creative process to develop concepts for entirely new products, installations, or software
  • I can build illustrations, prototypes, and presentations to contextualize these ideas and communicate details of their target user, appearance, functionality, operation, and manufacture to multidisciplinary figures for input
  • I can communicate with external fabricators or key liaisons in your organization to ensure these solutions accommodate your goals and budget
  • I can refine and improve the abilities of these solutions through usability testing and customer feedback, as well as detail them for production with knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials
  • I can oversee the ongoing development of these solutions to ensure their implementations are carried out correctly & co-ordinate with your existing catalog